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Open 3T MRI of North Jersey
657 Willow Grove Street, Suite 205
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
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Hackettstown Diagnostic Imaging
254 B Mountain Avenue, Suite 102
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
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We are a local medical imaging facility that features a unique blend of personal care and cutting edge technology.

Our diagnostic machines are the newest in the area, all of our studies are performed by certified technologists and your films are read by Board Certified Radiologists. We strive to be your best source for Diagnostic Imaging, and we hope that you find we meet that goal.

Our facility is owned and operated by three board certified radiologists who live and work in the immediate area.  This is a hometown facility, and our doctors take great pride and care in their work.

Competent and friendly staff were chosen to work here who look forward to serving you and providing you the best medical care available.

MRI at RAH, HDI and Open 3T MRI  

With our three convenient and local MRI facilities, we are sure one of them is the perfect choice for your diagnostic imaging needs. Our machines give great pictures in a comfortable and safe environment. Your test will be read by one of our highly trained radiologists, giving your doctor the best diagnostic information possible. We also think you will enjoy the quiet ambiance of our MRI rooms, where you will enjoy the sounds of your favorite satellite radio station and relax.

Our 3T MRI machine (Located at 657 Willow Grove St.) is the newest and strongest magnet strength MRI machine in the county and surrounding area’s. Because of the large 70 cm opening, we are able to accommodate patients up to 550 lbs, and claustrophobic patients may find this to be an easier machine to use.

At our 57 Route 46 location (Radiology Assoc. of Hackettstown) we offer high field 1.5T MRI.  It is a “short bore” machine, which means less claustrophobia for most patients.

Finally, at our 254 B Mountain Ave location (Hackettstown Diagnostic Imaging) we have a true open MRI unit.  With an open-air design and a spacious exam room, we’re sure you will feel calm and relaxed at this location.

CAT-Scan at HDI and RAH
Our American College of Radiology accredited CT scanners provide quick and accurate imaging in a pleasant setting.  Our bright and airy CT rooms create a relaxing and comfortable environment that sets you at ease.

NEW! 3D Mammogram with (Tomosynthesis) with Computer Aided Diagnosis at RAH
Our Siemens Inspiration Prime Edition Mammography unit offers state of the art mammography screening. Our 3D Technology is the first of it’s kind in Warren County.  It provides a more comfortable exam while utilizing the best diagnostic tools available.  The unit’s smooth design and mood lighting in our spa-like environment will be your best mammography experience anywhere. We are proud to be the first to offer 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) in our area!

Ultrasound at RAH
Ultrasound is the primary medical test for pregnant women and it is also useful in diagnosing many common ailments.  This test relies on the use of high frequency sound waves to gather images.  It is different than other testing as it can show movement, which our doctors use to see the movement of internal tissues and organs as well as blood flow. The test is also commonly utilized in conjunction with mammography to get a better look at questionable areas.

Bone Density at RAH
As we get older our bones can become more brittle and easily broken. Certain medications or vitamin deficiencies can also cause osteoporosis or osteopenia. A bone density test can alert you to one of those problems before you have trouble with breaks or fractures.

X-Ray at RAH and our 108 Bilby Rd location
Along with our aforementioned tests, we also conduct X-rays, the most common and frequently ordered of all diagnostics tests.  We take appointments and walk-ins at our centers, so you know that you will get the best service at a time when it is convenient for you.


3D Mammography with True Breast Tomosynthesis

RAH now offers True Breast Tomosynthesis. It’s state-of-the-art 3D mammogram technology that is proven to detect breast cancer better than traditional 2D mammography alone. We’re using it in our practice to give women a new level of confidence in their breast health.

Unlike 2D mammography, True Breast Tomosynthesis takes many x-ray pictures of each breast from many angles that are not available in traditional mammography. The x-ray tube moves in a 50-degree arc around the breast, taking 25 images during the exam. Those images are then sent to a computer, where they are assembled into a 3-dimensional picture of the breast. The result is a clearer image that helps health providers detect malignant tumors better than standard 2D mammography alone, with fewer recalls.

We introduced wide-angle tomosynthesis as an adjunct to 2D mammography because we want you and your family to be sure. We love its wide-angle imaging and the clarity it offers our doctors.