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Prostate Cancer studies at Open 3T MRI

Why choose Open 3T MRI for me Prostate Cancer studies?

1. Why Prostate MRI?

A. Tumor Recurrence following radiotherapy.
B. Lymph nodal evaluation with Diffusion imaging
C. Rising PSA levels with negative transrectal prostate biopsies
D. Bladder/Seminal Vesical invasion
E. Complicated Prostatitis
F. Capsular Invasion
G. Patients with palpable apical tumors
H. High Risk Patients ~ T3a or Gleason Score 8–10 or PSA > 20 ng/ml

2. Faster scan times and higher resolution for your patients than any MRI on the market.
IAC Imaging with 0.4 mm isotropic resolution.


3. Twice the signal as a 1.5 T MRI and 10 times that of existing Open 0.3T MRI’s.


4. We offer a 70 cm bore accommodating up to 550 lbs for obese and claustrophobic patients
who cannot tolerate traditional high field imaging.


5. We have the best dedicated endorectal prostate coil on the market. We challenge any of our neighboring providers or institutions to offer a better protocol!

A. Endorectal Imaging on all Prostate Exams!
B. 24 Channel Dedicated Abdomen/Pelvis Coil!
C. Blade Motion Correction
D. Prostate Diffusion! (PET Like Imaging!)
E. Single and Multivoxel Prostate Spectroscopy
(High Choline and Low Citrate Levels)
F. Dynamic Post-Gadolinium Prostate


We look forward to providing you with the best MRI services in all of NJ.